Membership Benefits

By joining the iSystems Club, you'll get to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by our organization.

  • iWorkshops
    Enhance your knowledge with hands-on real-world applications using the knowledge learned in class.
    • Introduction to Linux
    • Essential business skills
    • Security+ Preparation
    • Web and App development
  • Professional Workshops
    Learn real skills from real professionals on how to become more valuable and productive in the workplace.
    • Resume Building
    • Interview Tips
  • Tutoring Sessions
    Get additional help for your IS classes with our tutoring sessions hosted by our IS greybeards.
    • IS 210
    • IS 310
    • IS 340
  • Guest Speakers
    Acquire insider information and advice from guest speakers working directly in the Information Systems industry.
  • 12@12
    Twelve club members will have the opportunity to go to lunch with an IS professional to discuss his or her career in an informal setting. 
  • iGiveback
    Students will have the opportunity to gain real-world  and leadership experience by serving non-profit organizations. Projects range from website designing to database implementation to network administration. 
  • iSocial
    We want our members to be a close-knit group that help each other in school and beyond in the workplace, so come hangout at one of our social events to make new friends and valuable business connections.